Wild Horizons Hosted Home Meals are offered to travellers and tourists from all over the world, the opportunity to share a meal with local hosts and families from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The local families invite guests into their private residence for a social traditional meal, either a luncheon or an evening dinner.

The concept of Hosted Home Meals is sharing a meal with strangers as well as possibly understanding each other´s cultures and life styles, which brings people together by contributing to global understanding, tolerance, security and peace of each other’s way of life….in other words a cultural exchange over a meal!

Hosted Home Meals are for travellers and tourists who want to gain experience and insight into Zimbabwean rural life, beyond the ordinary tourist experience.

Families welcome visitors into their homes for a fee and provide them with a traditional meal. This has proved highly successful and greatly beneficial to the individuals involved.  Hosted Home Meals provide valuable income to local providers. This initiative aims to empower local people by providing income and allowing them to have a fun interaction with visitors.

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All year round for approximately 2 hours or more depending on how much fun you are having!

Give it a try, its an experience you'll not soon forget!

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