You cannot speak, think, or talk about the Zambezi as though it is a simple stretch of water that gently meanders along a set course. It is a river, a waterfall, and the most magnificent white water rafting corridor on earth!

Victoria Falls is a mile long curtain of water that stretches across the glistening basalt rock, erupts into spray, and then thunders into the canyons below.

This is the domain of the Nyami Nyami, the River God of the Tonga people and is the ‘highway’ for our rafts.

Guests are be collected from their respective hotels and taken to the spectacular The Lookout Café for information & safety briefing. This is where guests meet up with their Wild Horizons Rafting Guides – the very finest crew on the Zambezi River for this Low Water Rafting Experience!

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Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes
When: Low Water Rafting
Approximate Dates: 10th August – 25th December
High Water- Rafting Approximate Dates: 25th Dec – 10th August
Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Weather: Weather permitting
What to Wear: Swimsuit and shorts/cycling shorts but nothing that water will suck away T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt for sun protection Sturdy shoes/trainers or rafting shoes. Your shoes must be securely fitted to your feet (i.e. no flip-flops) or they will be lost! Wet Suits will be provided in the winter months.
Things to Bring: National Park Fee (River Usage Fee) in cash A way to secure glasses to yourself or they will be lost Sunscreen and lip balm (guides will have dry bag for this) A peak cap that will fit comfortably under your helmet. Bring as little as possible!

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