Many people take a Victoria Falls vacation to enjoy a guaranteed memorable experience in this resort town. Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. The site itself attracts more than a million visitors each year, but it's not always easy on your wallet to enjoy all that this destination has to offer.


Here are 7 ways to experience a Victoria Falls Vacation without breaking the bank!

Many of the activities, accommodation and restaurants can be expensive, so you need to be mindful when travelling. The good news is that it is entirely possible with careful planning to have a fantastic Victoria Falls vacation on a budget!

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Find a local to show you around

The people of Victoria Falls are very friendly and welcoming, so it's worth spending some time with them to get their insights. Victoria Falls is a small town, many locals have excellent knowledge of the things to see and do in the Falls. Since this town's sole income is through tourism, most locals will have friends or family who are involved in the industry.

Simply striking up a conversation at a restaurant, pub or even at the local grocery store will often yield a number of valuable insights. Victoria Falls is also incredibly safe so this should not be an issue!

The best part about taking the time to chat with locals is that you’ll often find out more of what true Zimbabweans are all like, and in turn develop a newfound appreciation for this incredible country.

The people there will be happy just knowing they made your trip extra special! Also check out this website called showaround. Just type "Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe" into the search bar and you will get an instant list of knowledgeable locals who have registered as hosts to show you around town. Their fees are ridiculously cheap and some even offer their services for free. Tip, use this website for all your trips abroad.

Chat to other travellers

Talking to fellow travellers can give you a wealth of information about a destination. Chances are they they would have already discovered some affordable solutions to explore Victoria Falls, especially if they have been in town for a few days already.

Backpackers and budget vacationers can be found all over, especially at cheap accommodation, which I will also cover in this article.

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Visit during the Green Season

The green season is the wettest time of year and usually kicks off in and around November. It's also when you can find some great deals on travel packages.

Lodges are less busy during this period because there are fewer international visitors coming in- which means a lot more space! Plus, low prices mean cheap accommodation that will leave your wallet feeling as fresh as a daisy.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Find Budget Accommodation for your Victoria Falls Vacation

Victoria Falls is a small town, and the main hotels are concentrated around the heart of town. Budget accommodation is primarily found in the residential area within a 2-3 kilometre radius of the Victoria Falls CBD.

For more affordable accommodation near town, consider these lodgings,

N1 Hotel Reception

N1 Hotel Reception

Pool Area

N1 Hotel Pool

Visit as a Group

Travelling as a group provides options for cost and convenience. When each member of your party pays individual rates, you keep more money in the bank or pocket than if you were traveling by yourself or with a friend at full price.

If you are in a group and looking to enjoy a Victoria Falls vacation without breaking your budget, you might consider staying at a self-catering holiday package.

Many of the restaurants can be quite expensive and there is no need to eat out every night as most meals can be purchased with groceries from the various supermarkets in town. Here are some self catering lodges to consider for groups

Beautiful Night at the pool

Victoria Falls Backpackers Lodge Pool

Boma Area

Victoria Falls Backpackers Lodge Boma

Save your cash for the Activities

Victoria Falls is know for is great variety of activities which range from adrenaline to safari, cruises and site seeing to name but a few. Now that you are saving money by using budget accommodation you should make the most of your Victoria Falls vacation by going bigger on activities.

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Take your own Refreshments when out for the day 

Snacks and bottled water at the supermarket will be cheaper than buying food items from a restaurant or kiosk in tourist destinations since prices are inflated based off of what tourists would be willing to pay.

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Here are some must do activities while on your Victoria Falls Vacation

Recommendations on where to shop

  • Sawanga Mall
  • Phumula Centre
sawanga 1

Sawanga Mall

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. Taking a Victoria Falls vacation in Southern Africa doesn't have to be an expensive exercise, there are so many ways to do things differently . Figure out how much you want to spend and plan accordingly. Learn from how others have done things or talk to a local.

Being inventive can also be fun, there is always find a cheaper way, just use your imagination .And remember, don't be too afraid of haggling either. People in Victoria Falls want and need your business. There are often specials advertised online, just use your smart phone to find them.

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