The Devils Pool is one of the most popular tourist attractions at the Victoria Falls - and for good reason. It has been described as 'the most thrilling and potentially dangerous swimming experience ever.' 


The Victoria Falls Devil's Pool is located in Southern Africa. It's on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, on the Zambezi River. 

Swimming next to one of the world's largest waterfalls is perhaps the most breathtaking, and amazing experience you might ever encounter. It's totally insane! The world's ultimate infinity pool is Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls.

If you want to try something totally new, consider Devil's Pool. It can be done even if the weather is bad. Devil's Pool is a death-defying adventure that should be on everyone's travel list.

Reading this article will save you a lot of time and trouble if you plan to visit the Devil's Pool. It should answer all of your questions regarding Devil's Pool experience, so that you may better plan your trip.

To get an idea of what this crazy experience is like, watch the Devil's Pool video below. Then learn all there is to know about Devil's Pool in the sections below.

What is the Devils Pool?

The Devil's Pool is is a deep natural pool of water located on top of Victoria Falls that allows tourists to swim right up close to the edge. From the pool, is an incredible view of the thundering waterfalls otherwise known as Mosi Oa Tunya, “The Smoke that Thunders”. The pool is separated from the raging white water just inches away by a narrow strip of rock.

Devils Pool also known as "The Devils armchair" has been carved into the rocks through thousands of years of water erosion.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular places to experience on the planet.

Lady hanging over the edge of the famous Devils Pool at Victoria Falls

Where is Devils Pool and how to get there?

To get to Devil's Pool Victoria Falls, you must first travel to this region of Southern Africa. You may either fly into Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone, Zambia, or Victoria Falls Airport on the Zimbabwean side if you want to visit Victoria Falls in Africa.

The Devil's Pool is located on the Zambezi River, which forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Devil's Pool is on the Zambia side. However, a quick day trip from the town of Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe side is also possible.

View of the Devils Pool at Victoria Falls

Where is the Start of the Devil's Pool Victoria Falls Tour?

The Devil's Pool begins on the Zambezi River banks near Livingstone, Zambia, and is called "the launch site". This is between the Royal Livingstone Hotel and Livingstone, Zambia, along the banks of the Zambezi River.

We also recommend coming at least a half-hour early to the Launch Site. The Devil's Pool tour departs on time, so you don't want to miss it.

How to Get to Devil's Pool from the Zimbabwean Side of Victoria Falls?

Access to Devil's Pool is only available from Zambia. However, if you are staying in Zimbabwe, it is simple to travel across the border for the day to see Devil's Pool.

Be aware of the visa costs connected with traveling back and forth from Zimbabwe to Zambia, which differs depending on your nationality. When arriving at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, most nationalities will need a day-tripper visa (on arrival).

Additionally, you'll want to obtain a double-entry visa (on arrival) when first visiting Zimbabwe. The double-entry visa to Zimbabwe costs $45, which is $15 more than the single-entry option for most countries.

When you arrive in Zimbabwe, you must obtain a double-entry visa. If you don't get it right away, though, you'll have to buy two single entry visas at $30 each ($60 total) because they are more expensive than a single entry visa.


If this is an option, we recommend taking it.

The KAZA UNIVISA is priced at US$50 and allows tourists to return to both countries numerous times with a single visa.

The visa is valid for 30 days in any one 12-month period as long as the holder stays inside Zambia and Zimbabwe. It also includes individuals who make day trips to Botswana via Kazungula Borders.

What are the different ways to get from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Devil's Pool?

If you are traveling from the Zimbabwe side, your hotel shuttle will typically take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to cross the border and arrive at The Royal Livingstone Hotel (RLH).

Other ways include walking, taxi or a combination of both.

From Zimbabwe, you can reach the Devil's Pool Launch Site by foot.

It's ideal for budget-conscious individuals looking to save $15 on a shuttle fare.

From the Victoria Falls visitor center on the Zimbabwean side to the Royal Livingstone Hotel is a 5 km trek. Another 1-km beyond the hotel, you'll come upon the Launch Site.

It will take about an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the trek from Zimbabwe to the launch site beyond the Royal Livingstone Hotel if you walk relatively quickly. But it should not take more than two hours or so at a leisurely pace.

You'll need to factor in border crossing procedures, as well as delays caused along the route. You might also stop to admire the views, take photos or watch the bungee jumpers. So always allow extra time and rather be early than late and miss your tour.

The route from Zimbabwe to the Royal Livingstone Hotel is simple to follow and well signposted.

To get to the Victoria Falls Bridge, go south on the T1 road until you reach the Victoria Falls Bridge. After passing through customs, proceed over the bridge to the Zambia side.

Look for the sign to The Royal Livingstone Hotel. On the same side of the road, a kilometer or so beyond the hotel, is THE LAUNCH SITE, with a sign indicating "Launch Site."

It's a nice stroll if you're in the mood. However, beware of the weather. It gets quite hot during the dry season's midday hours. So if you're going on an afternoon tour, make sure you bring plenty of water with you.

Shuttling from Zimbabwe to the Devil's Pool Launch Site

A shuttle leaves the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and goes to the Launch Site, which is located beyond the Royal Livingstone Hotel (Zambia). This is the most convenient method, with a reasonable price tag.

The round-trip shuttle between Zimbabwe and the Devil's Pool launch site costs US$15 per person. For one-way transfers, there is no cost reduction.

The shuttle from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is scheduled to depart to coincide with tour starting times. You must arrive at the Kingdom Hotel at least 15 minutes ahead of scheduled shuttle departures since they depart promptly. Your hotel or tour operator will tell you what time you should be at The Kingdom Hotel.

Taking a Taxi from Vic Falls Zimbabwe to Devil’s Pool Launch Site

It is feasible, but not advised, to travel from Zimbabwe to the Devil's Pool Launch Site by taxi. If you try this, you'll need three different taxis, which makes it difficult and expensive.

Because of rules, a single taxi can't take you all the way across the border. To get to the border, you'll need to hire a cab to take you to the bridge on the Zimbabwean side.

Taxis are available on the bridge to transport you 1.5 kilometers to the Zambia border. Finally, a third taxi is required for the final journey to the Launch Site.

If you don't want to walk, we recommend taking the shuttle instead of this sequence of taxis. Alternatively, you may walk part of the way and take a taxi for one of the portions. Expect to haggle over pricing.

Man sitting and looking over the edge of the Devils Pool

Is it safe to swim in the Devils Pool?

The Devil's Pool Victoria Falls deaths and safety are usually the first issue everyone wants to know about when looking at this unusual trip.

Is Devil's Pool Victoria Falls a safe place? There is room for debate. According to our viewpoint, Devil's Pool is a safe experience as a whole.

Safety, on the other hand, is subjective. The Devil's Pool certainly isn't free of significant hazards, and travellers should be aware of this.

There's a rock lip that sticks up above the edge of Devil's Pool, preventing you from tumbling over. You'd have to make a significant effort to truly go over the edge, it wont happen by accident.

Is it possible that this rock will give way one day? Perhaps. However, in our opinion, this seemed highly improbable. There is still some danger, though, like with everything else in life.

You must swim briefly in the Zambezi River above Victoria Falls and from Livingston Island to Devil's Pool before reaching Devil's Pool Zambia. Many people are unaware of this.

Livingstone Island in Livingstone, Zambia, is named after the Scottish explorer and Physician, David Livingstone. It was where he first viewed the Victoria Falls back in November of 1855.

You swim over a part of the Zambezi River by going up-current for the first half and then across and down-current for the second. Guides will guide you through it. The current is not strong, but there is still a current. This swim through the Zambezi is estimated to be about 80 meters.

It's better not to swim if you're a weak swimmer; by wading, weaker swimmers may be accommodated. The water is about stomach-deep here, depending on the water levels. Only if required do guides assist by holding hands.

Have there been any incidents at Devil's Pool Victoria Falls?

Yes, Devil's Pool has seen several accidents.

Most Devil's Pool mishaps were the result of persons slipping on wet rocks, resulting in minor injuries. Keep your wits about you when walking along these rocks! Even though you're not precisely at the waterfall's edge, don't let your guard down.

Devil's Pool is a stunning plunge, but the fact that you'll lose your grip and fall into this huge waterfall isn't the only danger. You must also consider the danger of confronting a hippo or crocodile. Yes, there are even hippos and crocodiles in the Zambezi waters above the Falls.

Before diving in, guides will check for crocodiles. Although there has never seen any crocodile sighting in Devil's Pool itself, the Zambezi is unquestionably their habitat. The waters around the Pool are quite shallow, and if such a huge creature as a crocodile or hippo were to be swimming about they would probably be visible.

It's not out of the question to encounter hazardous animals in this area. During the brief boat journey to Livingstone Island, hippos are often spotted.

As with any other endeavor in life, there are certain dangers. You must evaluate the risks for yourself depending on your personal comfort level.

People generally feel safe while visiting Devil's Pool. The experienced guides, will help you feel at ease and help give you confidence when the time comes to get into Devil's Pool.

Those who wish to swim in Devil's Pool on Victoria Falls should first weigh the dangers before making a decision. 

Has anyone ever fallen to their deaths from the Devil's Pool?

Devil's Pool has never claimed any lives during the Livingstone Island tour, which is the only tour that ventures there.

There is a report on the internet about a tour guide falling to his death from the edge of Victoria Falls while trying to save a tourist in 2009. That tale, however, isn't accurate. The aforementioned death wasn't at Devil's Pool but rather at another location along Victoria Falls.

There have been a few other Victoria Falls fatalities in the past, but no tourists have ever plummeted to their deaths at Devil's Pool on the Livingstone Island cruise, which is still the only tour that allows you to go there.

As mentioned, there have not been any Devil's Pool Victoria Falls fatalities in Zambia, Africa as far as we know, but does the potential exist? Of course it does!

You're swimming on the top of a towering waterfall. If someone were to fall over the cliff and into the water, they would almost certainly die. So you should not overlook the likelihood of such an occurrence.

The water won't sweep you over the edge unless you do something really stupid. It would be extremely tough and unlikely to occur naturally as a result of being swept away by the water. That rock lip protects you.

Nonetheless, we wouldn't be shocked if there was a major Devil's Pool accident one day. Anyone diving into this pool needs to be cautious, careful, and watchful while in it. The guides will not tolerate any irresponsible behaviour from guests for these obvious reasons.

Is Devil’s Pool scary?

You'll be standing on the edge of one of the world's largest waterfalls. So, no, Devil's Pool is not frightening — it's absolutely terrifying! It is, nevertheless, an exciting thrill that is both enjoyable and thrilling.

If the prospect of crocs in the water isn't enough to send you running for cover, there's another unpleasant surprise in Devil's Pool. There are fish in Devil's Pool that may try to nibble at your feet you while you're swimming. They won't hurt you, but it could certainly give you a little fright, so be forewarned.

Yes, Devil's Pool can be frightening to some. Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to how scary Devil's Pool is. Nonetheless, most sane individuals would likely concur that it is an intimidating experience.

What Happens If You Chicken Out of Devil’s Pool?

People who are nervous regularly back out of the Devil's Pool swim. It's completely understandable.

Swimming in Devil's Pool is just one aspect of what is known as the "Livingstone Island Tour." Many guests simply join this trip and do not go into Devil's Pool at all. They still get to see Devil's Pool and the mystery of Livingstone Island.

In fact, many people opt out of the Devil's Pool Swim and simply take the Livingstone Island tour, which comprises of a boat crossing the Zambezi, a walk around Livingstone Island, and watching those who do dare to take the Devil's Pool plunge.

The trip to Devil's Pool is an optional part of the Livingstone Island excursion. You may skip going into Devil's Pool if you so choose after you arrive there. It's also fine if you decide not to swim in Devil's Pool.

If you're not sure, we recommend that you still go on the trip. Then, after seeing the situation first-hand, decide whether or not to swim in Devil's Pool Zambia. There is dry ground to stand on if you're too scared to actually swim in Devil's Pool Zambia even after swimming across the Zambezi River to get there.

Do You Have To Jump In Or Hang Over The Devil's Pool Edge?

No. You have complete freedom to push yourself as far or as little as you choose. People diving into Devil's Pool and other amazing poses hanging off the edge of this colossal waterfall can be seen online.

You don't have to jump in the water, though. While jumping into Devil's Pool may be amusing, you may instead carefully descend some rocks. Most folks slowly wade into Devil's Pool, gradually getting drawn into this exciting experience.

Some braves souls will lean out over the Victoria Falls' edge if the water levels are particularly low. A guide holds onto their feet as dare devils peer out over the lip of one of the world's largest waterfalls.

If you have the courage, look over Devil's Pool. But only if you want to. This is your trip, and you are free to go as far over the edge as you feel comfortable with.  

How Fit Do You Need to Be to Swim in the Devil's Pool?

To get from Livingstone Island to Devil's Pool, you must swim or wade across a section of the Zambezi River. As a result, you'll need to be healthy enough to do it. 

Most of the water is deep enough to stand up in and yet keep your head above the surface. If you panic for whatever reason during the swim, you should be able to stand up, which will stop you from being swept away downriver by the current.

However, we don't recommend a trip to Devil's Pool Zambia for individuals who can't swim.

Is it doable? Maybe. But, we wouldn't advise it.

It is not necessary for you to be a strong swimmer if that is the case. Depending on water levels, you can wade across the Zambezi to reach Devil's Pool. However, if you're unable to swim at all, Devils Pool isn't likely to be an adventure for you.

There are older people, heavier individuals, and those with physical limitations who make the Zambezi River crossing safely all the time. Two guides are always nearby to help you and ensure your safety.

You are the most qualified judge of your own fitness and abilities. However, most people should be able to do it.

The difficulty of Devil's Pool is more mental than physical. The dread of swimming in this deadly pool must be overcome.

Is there a limit to how old you have to be in order to get into the Devil's Pool?

To visit Devil's Pool, children must be at least 12 years old. Children 8 years old and up can participate in the Livingstone Island tour. However, kids must be at least 12 years old to swim in Devil's Pool.

Is it necessary to buy travel insurance for Devil's Pool?

It is not necessary, but it is strongly advised. Accidents can happen at Devil's Pool, so the tour operator disclaims any responsibility. To safeguard this, you must sign a waver at the start of the Livingstone Island journey.

Before going to Africa, make sure you have travel insurance. You'll be protected in the event of an unforeseen event at Devil's Pool Victoria Falls (or anywhere during an African journey).

Is it possible to visit Devil's Pool on your own?

No, you won't be able to reach Devil's Pool on your own.

Devil's Pool is part of the Livingstone Island adventure, which you must pay for. It was less controlled in previous years, and you could find unofficial "tour guides" who would take you there for a fraction of the fee. However, due to safety concerns, this tour has become strictly regulated and is run by Tongabezi.

To get to Livingstone Island, you'll need a boat. So it would be almost impossible for you to reach Devil's Pool on your own.

If the prospect of plunging over the falls to your death isn't enough to frighten you, you may be thrown in a Zimbabwean or Zambian jail cell for making an unlawful border crossing. Don't even consider it!

Man jumping into the Devils Pool at Victoria Falls

Things you should know before going to the Devils Pool

Livingstone Island Tour Information

How Much Does it Cost to Swim in the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls?

The cost of the Devil's Pool excursion varies depending on whether you opt for the Livingstone Island Tour as part of their breakfast, lunch, or high tea itinerary.

There are five daily tours to Devils Pool, three in the morning, one at midday, and the last one in the afternoon. The tours last between 1,5 - 2,5 hours, depending on which one you choose.

Approximate Devil’s Pool prices are:

Breakfast (7:30, 9:00, 10:30) costs US$110

Lunch (12:30) costs US$175

High Tea (15:30) costs US$150

Morning Breezer Tour

They are 3 Morning Breezer slots, Tours start from the RLH at 07:30, 09:00, and 10:30. Included in the morning tours are light snacks as well as tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

The Morning Breezer Tours are approximately 1,5 hours each.

Livingstone Island Lunch Tour

The lunch tour departs from RLH at 12:30 and typically will include a lunch, wine, or beer and soft drinks.

Livingstone Island High Tea Tour

The High Tea tour will depart from RLH at 15:30, with this tour, you will have the option of tea or coffee, a light snack, and wine or beer.

Don't overlook the lunch or high tea itineraries, either. There are a couple of intriguing advantages to afternoon excursions that you should think about. Devil's Pool tours in the afternoon. Namely that they typically last longer and they include alcohol, which is not an option on the morning tour.

If you want to unwind with a beer or a cocktail after seeing Devil's Pool, the lunch and afternoon excursions may be what you are looking for.

The longer afternoon excursions will take you roughly the same amount of time in Devil's Pool as the earlier ones. The afternoon trips, on the other hand, provide additional time to dine and relax on Livingstone Island.

The High Tea tour lasts 2 hours, while the Lunch Tour is 2 and a half hours in duration. When compared to the 90-minute morning Devil's Pool trip, which may feel a little rushed. So the afternoon High Tea tour allows you an extra hour!

What to expect during your Devils Pool Experience

Your trip to Livingstone Island starts on the banks of the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambian side - 1,3 km (0.8mi) upstream from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Here you will meet your guides and get an introduction of what to expect and listen to a safety talk.

Afterward, you will take a short (5 minute) boat ride to Livingstone Island. The captain will take you quite close to the actual Victoria Falls en route to the island which makes this boat ride an experience in itself.

The boat ride to Livingstone Island Zambia

Once you reach Livingstone Island, the friendly staff welcome you with a traditional Maheu energy drink which is made from maize meal.

on Livingstone Island, friendly staff welcome you with a traditional Maheu energy drink which is made from maize meal

From there they will lead you to the very edge of the Falls on the west end of the island, where David Livingstone first witnessed this natural wonder. The view from here is simply amazing.

If you have already seen the falls from the Zimbabwean side, the perspective from this vantage point is quite different and somewhat more "wild".

When the weather is right, particularly on the morning tours, the rainbows are magnificent and add even more beauty to this spectacular view.

On the east side of the island overlooking the horseshoe, you will find a plaque erected in 2005 marking 150 years since Livingstone first discovered the island at Victoria Falls.

The David Livingstone Plaque on Livingstone Island

After you have had some time to look around, those wanting to take a swim in Devils Pool make their way with the guides to the river. The Guides then explain how you will get to the pool.

The swim across the Zambezi River from Livingstone Island to the Devil's Pool

What’s Included in the Livingstone Island tour Tour Price?

  • The boat ride from the Launch Site to Livingstone Island.
  • Welcome drink.
  • Tour of Livingstone Island
  • Swimming in Devil’s Pool
  • Two guides per tour
  • Towels if required
  • A meal including drinks

What is Not Included in the Livingstone Island tour Tour Price?

  • Tips for the guides
  • Transportation to/from the Launch Site
  • Camera – Although photography is included, you must bring your own camera. (More on that in the What To Bring section of this post).
  • Visa fees for those who are arriving from Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls World Heritage National Monument Site, which is part of Zambia's Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, does not charge visitors any entrance fees. There is no admission charge for Livingstone Island and Devil's Pool, which are not part of the National Park.

Is Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls Worth It?

The short answer is, ABSOLUTELY!!

The Devil’s Pool is absolutely worth it. When you compare the Devil's Pool experience to other adrenaline activities in Victoria Falls, such as bungee jumping (US$160), it's real value for the money.

We've spoken with a number of people who have booked the Devil's Pool trip and haven't met anyone yet that felt it was too expensive.

Also, consider that this is an overall excellent experience that includes a delicious meal! So, if you've come all the way to Victoria Falls, we suggest that you check out Devil's Pool.

Where can I Book a Devils Pool Tour?

How and Where to Book a Devil’s Pool Tour at Victoria Falls?

The Devil's Pool excursion is organized by Tongabezi, a tour company that also runs a luxury lodge on the Zambia side upstream from Victoria Falls called Tongabezi Lodge.

If you want to book Tongabezi directly, you may do so online right here on their website. You can also check current availability for the dates you're visiting Victoria Falls using this site.

It's also possible to book this excursion through your hotel, hostel, tour company, or any other travel agency in Victoria Falls.

The price should not differ whether you book with someone else. If it does, get in touch with someone else to reserve a place on your Devil's Pool excursion. Be sure to try to arrange your trip well ahead of time, regardless of who you choose. Devil's Pool is quickly becoming well-liked!

A Devil's Pool excursion may be booked through any number of travel agencies on both the Zimbabwe or Zambia side of Victoria Falls.

It's essential to book ahead of time.

This is, without a doubt, the most crucial thing we can tell you. There are only five Devil's Pool packages available each day, and they're limited to sixteen people. The Devil's Pool trips often sell out.

So, if you want to see Devil's Pool, be sure to make a reservation beforehand, or else you might arrive in Victoria Falls disappointed that you were unable to get a place.

When is the Best Time to Visit Devil's Pool Victoria Falls?

Devil's Pool Victoria Falls is a beautiful natural wonder that shouldn't be missed when visiting Zimbabwe. From late August to early January are the months with the highest chances of water levels being lower, which allows for swimming in Devil's Pool, and are ideal to plan a trip.

The water levels, on the other hand, are truly what determine if it is or isn't feasible. So the likelihood of swimming in Devil's Pool is ultimately determined by the weather patterns.

Livingstone Island trips are seasonal (approximately late June to early March), it is not possible to visit Devil's Pool throughout the year.

During the rainy season (usually January to June), when bigger water levels make it hazardous to enter Devil's Pool, the Livingstone Island excursions do not include Devils Pool.

During the wet season, Devil's Pool is unsafe to swim in because the Zambezi River water levels are too high making it too dangerous.

There are certain times when Angel's Armchair takes the place of Devil's Pool. Angel's Armchair is another pool of water located very near to the brink of Victoria Falls.

When Devil's Pool is not an option, Angel's Armchair is safer. Visitors do not get as close to the edge with Angel's Armchair though.

The Livingstone Island tour may, in some cases (typically during the early August and again in January), be substituted for a trip to Angel's Armchair when the water levels are still just a little too high to visit Devil's Pool.

What is the Best Time of Day to Visit Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls?

The ideal time to visit Devil's Pool is determined by your schedule and budget. Although, in our opinion, morning visits are preferable.

Swimming in Devil's Pool when the rainbows are visible on the Zambia side is an option during morning tours. The morning Devil's Pool visits are also the least costly times to go. As a result, early morning Devil's Pool trips are a great option.

For the possibility of rainbows and a lesser price, we recommend visiting Victoria Falls in the morning.

What to Bring to Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls

What to Wear to Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls

Wear light, comfortable clothes or wear a bathing suit. There are bathrooms on Livingstone Island to change, if you’d like. But you may find it more convenient to show up wearing a swim suit, so you’re ready to go.

Ladies, be sure to have a tight-fitting bathing suit so that you prevent an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in the event that the current grabs hold of your top.

 What to Pack for a Trip to Devil's Pool in Victoria Falls

A change of clothes

After you've completed your swim in Devils Pool, you'll want to change into something dry. You wont need a towel as one will be provided for you.

Water shoes

Wear a pair of water shoes. Alternatively, wear some old trainers that you don't care about getting wet. Although you may swim barefoot in Devils Pool, we wouldn't advise it due to submerged rocks that might be jagged and slippery.


You'll need some cash on hand to tip the guides. If you come from Zimbabwe, you'll also need cash for the Zambia day tripper visa. Bring extra money for incidentals, a drink, or anything else you may want to purchase.


Don't forget to bring your passport if you're coming from the Zimbabwean side. A passport isn't necessary if you're staying on the Zambian side.

Phone and/or Camera

If you're headed to Devil's Pool, be sure to bring a camera or your phone with you. Bring a waterproof GoPro or something similar if you want to capture your experience from within the Devil's Pool or alternatively, one of the guides will be happy to take some photos or a video for you using your phone or another device.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you're bringing your phone, consider getting a waterproof cover for it.


Keep your skin safe from sunburn while spending time in the African heat. Also, remember to apply 30 minutes before going into the water or it may wash off.

Insect Repellent

Mosquito repellent is important.

Small Bag or Backpack

For all your stuff.

Is there a Locker or Storage Near Devil's Pool?

No, there are no lockers or storage facilities at Devil's Pool. However, it is not necessary. Bring a backpack or a small bag on the boat to Livingstone Island. You may leave this bag on Livingstone Island while you swim in Devil's Pool with confidence.

What Kinds of Cameras Can You Take to Devil's Pool Victoria Falls?

On Livingstone Island, you are free to bring whatever cameras you want. However, mobile phones, handheld digital cameras, and GoPros are the only types of cameras allowed while swimming to Devil's Pool.

You hand your phone or small video camera to your guide, who places it in his dry bag. While you swim, the guide will carry your devices down to Devil's Pool for you. If you wish to use a waterproof camera like a GoPro while swimming, please bring it with you.

At Devil's Pool, bulky cameras with interchangeable lenses are not allowed. While you swim in Devil's Pool, you may safely leave larger cameras on Livingstone Island.

How Can I take Photographs and Videos in Devil's Pool?

Devil's Pool Victoria Falls has two guides to help you ease into the experience. One of them accompanies you in the water, while another stands on the edge of Devil's Pool to shoot footage and photographs.

It all looks very strange, but somehow it seems to work. The camera-wielding guide truly does an excellent job and takes a lot of photos.

Before going to Devil's Pool, make sure to clear off your phone or camera's storage. His photos on your mobile device are included in the tour price; however, if you're satisfied with the spectacular shots he captures, consider a gratuity.

Are Spectators Allowed on a Livingstone Island Tour?

Unfortunately not. Only tour guests to Livingstone Island and Devils Pool will be allowed.

Does Livingstone Island have world heritage status?

Yes, it does. As a heritage site, no part of your Livingstone Island experience will leave any negative footprints on the site. The guides will tell you all about this as well as give you all the interesting history of the Island. You will even follow David Livingstone's footsteps all the way to the edge of the Victoria Falls.

Information board at the heritage site on Livingstone Island, Victoria Falls

In conclusion

This unique Victoria Falls experience is no doubt on the bucket list of thousands of travellers and intrepid explorers.

We hope that this information on Devil's Pool Victoria Falls has been useful in assisting you in planning your trip. If you have any more questions about Devil's Pool, please leave them in the comments below and we'll try to respond.

If you've visited Devil's Pool, we'd love to hear about your experience! Feel free to leave a review of Devil's Pool Victoria Falls, below.

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