It's no secret that the top attractions in Victoria Falls are worth a visit. Whether you're looking to see spectacular Wildlife, enjoy an Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure or relax on a River Cruise, there is something for everyone.


From the Vic Falls themselves to Shopping and more, this article has all you need to know about what makes Victoria Falls one of the top destinations on earth.

Here are some of the top attractions in Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls

Few natural wonders match the size and power of Victoria Falls. The falls, which separate Zambia and Zimbabwe, is a major attraction for many visitors.

The natural water fall, which measures 5603 ft (1708 meters) wide and 108 meters deep into Zambezi Gorge below, is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

With mean annual flow rate is 1088 cubic meters per second (38,430 cu ft/s) and the mean maximum flow rate recorded at 3000 cu m/s (105,944 cu ft/s). The water spray can easily reach a height of over 400 meters into the air, sometimes twice as high. This spray can be seen from up to 50 kilometers (30 mi) away.

Archaeological exploration sites around the falls reveal that this area has been occupied for some 2.6 million years. Artifacts dating back to the middle and stone age have been found here. A tour of the Victoria Falls is the perfect way to start your Southern African vacation adventure.

helicopter view of the victoria falls

Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls Bridge, which spans over the Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, links both countries. The bridge has border posts at each end: one on either side of Livingstone town in Zambia and another on the side of Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls Bridge was the inspiration of Cecil Rhodes, who famously said: "build the Bridge across the Zambezi where trains pass as they catch the spray from waterfalls." This was part of Rhodes’ Cape to Cairo railway scheme, though he never got to see it and died before construction on the bridge began.

If you’re looking for a bridge with an impressive parabolic arch design, the Victoria Falls Bridge should be top of your list – it was constructed in England by Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Company. This Victorian engineering feat took just 14 months to complete! It opened on September 12th 1905

One of the tourist attractions of Victoria Falls Bridge is a heritage tour. Learn all about the history and construction of this magnificent bridge. The tour includes an under-deck walk.

There is a small museum on the Zambian side where admission is free. A railway museum is also located in Livingstone, including several old steam trains that are a good source of information for railroad enthusiasts.

Elephant's Walk Shopping and Artist's Village

This is truly a shopping experience like few others. The Elephant's Walk Shopping & Artist's Village is a collection of stores, artists, craftsmen, cuisine, culture, history, and much more.

Here you can meet Zimbabwean artists and craftsmen at work, browse the jewellery studio or art museum, stop by the taxidermy centre then visit the herb garden for an organic tea before continuing on.

In addition to enjoying delicious Zimbabwean coffee and tasty local eats, the Africa café offers delicious homegrown African dishes. Plus, as patrons of the café and for a small fee, the Jafuta Heritage Center is an excellent place to learn about African culture and history.

If herbs and veggies are your thing, then visit the Happy Hippo Organic Garden, or hone your negotiation skills at the craft market. For more details, check out our Elephant's Walk Shopping & Artists Village page.

Siduli Hide

Get up close and personal with wildlife of all varieties at the Siduli Hide.

The Siduli Hide sits on the edge of a waterhole that is overlooked by the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.

Designed to appear as though it were built by termites, the Siduli Hide gives visitors a unique, up close, and personal look at wildlife.

The hide is just a short 5-minute walk from the Lodge. A professional guide will take you through the whole experience.

Once inside the hide, all you have to do is sit and wait quietly as animals of all types come to visit the waterhole for a nice cool drink. There is also a salt lick nearby which the animals use to get some of the natural minerals they need.

If you are a photographer or a wildlife enthusiast, then the Siduli Hide experience is definitely one you should not miss.

view from inside the Siduli hide at Victoria Falls

The Big Tree

The Big Tree at Victoria Falls is a very large baobab that is 24 (79ft) meters tall and measures more than 22.8 (75ft) meters in girth. It is is situated roughly 2 km (1.2 mi) from the Victoria Falls.

Based on its size, the Big Tree is estimated to be approximately 2000 years old. it is protected by the Museums and National Monuments Act 1972 of Zimbabwe

The Big Tree is not only world-renowned, but it is also likely the largest and old tree in all of Zimbabwe.

Every year, thousands of people come from all around the world to get a glimpse of this magnificent Tree.

The Vic Falls Moonbows

A moonbow, which is also sometimes called a lunar rainbow or moonbeam, is an optical phenomenon that appears when moonlight shines from the surface of the moon and is reflected on mist and water droplets in the air.

Victoria Falls is one of a few places on earth where you can regularly see a moonbow!

Moonbows always form opposite the moon, and they reflect much less light than a rainbow.

Human eyes are unable to catch the faint light of a moonbow, which makes it difficult for them to see colors in the moonbow.

As a result, the moonbow appears white. Consequently, these tones range from white to black whereas rainbows have different colors.

However, using long exposure photographs, you will get to see the colours. Learn more about Moonbows.

White Water Rafting

Rafting the Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls has been ranked as the best and biggest grade 5 white water rafting in the world.

Get started with an exhilarating white water rafting experience that begins in the "boiling pot" below the Victoria Falls and navigates through notorious rapids. The guides will steer rafters on a memorable ride through the formidable rapids of the mighty Zambezi River.

You have two season options for white water rafting. You can start your journey during the low water rafting months of August through December, or if you prefer a more intense experience you should plan accordingly to make sure that the Zambezi River has enough water to hurtle through many Grade 5 rapids.

Victoria Falls high water rafting takes place between Jan – Feb and June – July. As the water level rises high water rafting begins. As the water is gushing downstream of the Victoria Falls so intensely during these months, it is impossible to start at rapid number 1. The high water rafting begins 10 km downstream at rapid 11 and ends at rapid 23. White water Rafting in Vic Falls is a must for the thrill seeker. 

Chobe Day Trip

A day excursion to Chobe National Park in Botswana is an opportunity for a special experience in Africa. The park is only one hour away from Victoria Falls and it has one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Africa.

The tour departs daily from Victoria Falls and includes a drive to the Botswana border, where you will meet with your local guide. After crossing through immigration, you will head to Chobe River for a morning game cruise safari.

The water excursion gives unique access to the wildlife of this important national park along the banks of the Chobe River, and lunch is served at a lodge near by. Refreshments are also provided during your day trip

After lunch, you will venture into the Chobe National Park in an open game drive vehicle. The afternoon’s safari heads deeper into the Park to try to spot some of the big game which includes big cats, elephant, rhino, giraff and many other animals, both large and small.

After a full day in the Chobe, you will make your way to the border post with your guide and then head back to Victoria Falls. Check out this short video below.

The Elephant Sanctuary

Learn all about these majestic creatures at the Wild Horizons Victoria Falls Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage.

The tour starts with a very informative talk about the sanctuary, what they do and why it was established. They will tell you about the history of how these animals came to be saved. Hear all about the threats that the natural elephant population faces daily and the solutions to help stop them.

You will have an opportunity to meet the guides who live and work with these elephants every day. They will tell you more about their beloved elephants.

Once done with the talk, the guides will take you on a short walk into the bush to meet the elephants in person. Here you will have the opportunity to get right up close and even touch the elephants.

Then take a short walk around the area with the elephants and their guides to get a feel of their natural habitat. You will also have your chance to feed the elephants some of their favourite treats.

The elephant encounter is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget!

Bungee Jumping

For adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies, a bungee jump from the World famous Victoria Falls Bridge is considered one of the best bungee jumps in the world and yet another, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Launch yourself off a platform 111 meters (364ft) above the mighty Zambezi River and feel the wind rushing past you as you plummet for 4 seconds against one of the world's most scenic backdrops.

This is the only place in the world where you can bungee in between two countries.

Read our article on Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls for all the details.

Helicopter & Microlight Flights

A flight over the Victoria Falls offers an unparalleled vantage point to witness this natural wonder, from its source of water in Zambia to the immense gorge below.

Standing on the ground, you can only feel the power of Victoria Falls. But when you take a glimpse from atop, you can see the full spectacle and magnitude of this awesome sight.

As you look downstream, you can see the different facets of Victoria Falls. Each gorge reflects a different era in time as the water has eroded the softer sandstone near fault lines with harder Basalt over thousands of years.

shearwater helicopter flying above the Victoria Falls

There are two Helicopter flight options:-

A 15-minute helicopter flight from the Elephant Hills helipad allows you to see Victoria Falls up close and personal. The flight darts over the falls in both directions, allowing you to glimpse into the chasm of the falls. You can see towns in Zimbabwe on one side, and Zambia on the other, as well as all of the wildlife in the Zambezi National Park.

A 25-minute helicopter flight takes you over Victoria Falls, Batoka Gorge, and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. The tour is fully narrated with an expert guide to fill you in on everything that's happening as you fly past or below some of Africa's most magnificent sights! 

The microlights are 15 or 30-minute tours. It is the most personal way to view the falls from the air, with just a pilot and one customer per flight.

The Devil's Pool

Labelled as one of the world's most daring and dangerous swims, The Devil's Pool is one not to miss!

The Devil's Pool is a deep natural pool right at the top of the Victoria Falls that allows its visitors to swim up close to the edge. From the pool, is an incredible view of the thundering waterfalls to the side and below.


The pool is only available for a swim only during periods of low water, meaning the best time is from mid-August to around the end of December. Access to the pool is most reliable from October through November due to the lowest flow rate at that time.

The pool is closed to tourists when the flow is too high, this is normally from around the beginning of January to sometime in August.

Zambezi River Cruises

A visit to Victoria Falls is not complete without taking a cruise on the mighty Zambezi River. There are a number of different options, but a Sunset Cruise or a Dinner Cruise is something you should try.

A sunset cruise on the Zambezi River is a great way to unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery just before dusk.

The African sunset highlights the water’s edge, with a row of passing birds delivering their own short concerto. Visitors are likely to have the opportunity to see various types of game; including hippos, crocodiles, and elephants, as well as several different species of birds.

This popular cruise includes "finger snacks, beer, wine, local spirits, and soft drinks".

One way to take amazing photographs is against an African sunset.

The Malachite Dinner Cruise includes a light refresher towel and chilled flute of sparkling wine before you head up to the top level for the evening boat cruise.

As night falls, guests are treated to snacks as they gaze at the Zambezi's shimmering surface. The staff is attentive with drinks and snacks being served throughout the journey. Guests can look forward to a high vantage point for impeccable views of one of Victoria Falls' famous sunsets from plush cushioned furniture on the upper deck.

When the sun dips below the horizon, an elegant dinner is served on the lower deck of this boat. Diners are enveloped in the rich, fresh aroma of locally sourced ingredients as they're plated.

The seven-course meal and all-inclusive drinks onboard the luxury Malachite offer great value for money with an exceptional sundowner experience in Victoria Falls.

Under the Spray

A traveller's best resolution should be to experience their destination in its entirety. The natural wonder of Victoria Falls is well worth a trip down into the gorge for an amazing view and a swim under the spray of the Victoria Falls.

Looking up, soaring one hundred meters high is the black basalt rock blanketed by the river that plunges over it. You are struck by the illusion of an everlasting sky between the waterfall's giant lips as you watch from below.

Still pools are inviting to visitors who wish to dive beneath their surface for an unforgettable experience during the "low water" season when the water is not churning too vigorously.

The Gorge Swing

The Wild Horizons Gorge Swing at Victoria Falls is an exhilarating and nail-biting experience. Leap in the air as you plunge down into the mouth of Batoka gorge, experiencing a sense of weightlessness.

Imagine swinging in a child’s swing on the playground at first, and now imagine an unthinkable sight - a giant swing that is 95 (311ft) meters long and 120 (393ft) meters high. The next thing you know, you're about to take a 70-meter (229ft) free-fall from this threshold before it begins its pendulum-like motion.

Now Stop imagining and come on down to try it for yourself!

Victoria Falls is a top tourist destination in Africa with plenty of opportunities for adventure and sightseeing. Whether you want to go on one of the many Zambezi River Cruises, swing over Batoka Gorge, or take an African Day Safari, there are so many different ways that this beautiful place will leave you speechless. 
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