Looking for a new adventure? Look no further than taking a zipline in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe with Wild Horizons. This company offers the best of both worlds - an exciting ride over the river and some spectacular views.

Learn more about this awesome activity in the heart of Africa. Get access to the Wild Horizons team's vast knowledge of all things animals, as well as enjoy some spectacular views from above!


About the Ride

This is one of the longest Zipline rides in the world. Imagine being swung across the gorge, what a rush traveling a speed of 106 km's hurtling for an adrenaline-fueled 425 meters over the scenic Victoria Falls river and Batoka Gorge while suspended 120 meters above Zambezi water bowl!

Double or tandem harnessing is available for parent and child or two adults.


All parents and guardians of children aged below the age of 16 must sign the liability release in order for their children to go ahead and zipline over the gorge.

Parental control over a child's behavior is of course important, so the management at Victoria Falls retains the right to turn anyone away from the zipline at their own discretion, should they feel that the situation is not one that is in the best interests of your safety.


The Wild Horizons team at Victoria Falls will be there to make sure you have the most amazing experience. They'll help with everything from getting your harness on, through a safety briefing and all that's needed for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 

What you Need to Know

Where is the Zipline in Victoria Falls?

The Zipline is situated about close to The Lookout Café in Victoria Falls ZimbabweScheduled transfers to and from Hotels / Vic Falls Town are included in the fee. Simply let the Operator know if you wish to be collected or would like to make your own way there. 

Zipline Safety

Safety on a zipline is imperative, you will need to attend a short safety briefing in English before the zipline over the gorge and mighty Zambezi River.

The safety briefing will include · What to wear · How long it takes and what you can expect during your ride. It is important to follow the instructions from Wild Horizons staff at all times, including when entering/exiting the activity.

For this activity, you are harnessed and attached to a pulley system, which is then controlled by a guide. You will be given instructions on how to use the equipment and what you should do in case of an emergency situation before taking off!


How Long does the ride take?

Although this only takes a few minutes from beginning to end, exciting doesn't even cover what adventure awaits you. You'll want to spend all your time here awed by the beauty of the Zambezi that surrounds you. Sit and watch as others take their turn or take a short stroll to The Lookout Café for a cocktail or two, where you can get a great view of the Victoria Falls bridge over the Batoka gorges. You will also be able to watch the gorge swing from the Café balcony.

When can I go and Zipline in Victoria Falls?

The zipline in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is available to ride all year long. It is open most days, weather permitting. Group bookings welcome


What do I need to Wear?

If you plan to zipline in Victoria Falls, you will definitely want to make sure your backpack is packed with the necessary items. This includes clothing that provides sun protection, Warm clothing in winter (April to August), and shoes that are comfortable for running and hiking.

Hair ties (for longer hair, which must be tied up). Lockers will be available, but we suggest that guests leave valuables at home/the hotel.

What should I Bring?

Sunscreen, Mosquito Repellent, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect against the sun, while waiting your turn.

What are the General Requirements to Zipline

  • No minimum Age to zipline
  • No Minimum or Maximum Height
  • No Fitness Level Required to zip line 
  • No Qualifications or Certification Required to zipline
  • No Experience Level Required


In conclusion, your zipline experience in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe will exhilarate you and provide you with a lifetime of memories. Don't forget that Wild Horizons also does a whole bunch of other fun-filled activities and tours in the falls. Not all of them are adrenaline-filled like this, the gorge swing, white water rafting, bungee jumping and others. 

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